Myogenetix takes great pride in all our products to ensure optimal quality. We believe better quality of life begins with a better quality of product. This is achieved by ensuring that each of our manufacturing locations is compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices.
But we don’t stop there. An exhaustive series of industry-leading internal and external Quality Assurance procedures are conducted on our raw materials as well as our finished products.

Our strict Quality Assurance practices begin with research to determine the raw ingredients that will be selected and brought together from various reputable suppliers worldwide. Only the highest quality materials are used in our products. Each ingredient is then put through four quality control checks to ensure maximum quality assurance and potency:

Material Identification:

An initial, laboratory review of the material Certificate of Analysis is conducted to assess the validity of each raw ingredient.

Purity Analysis:

Each raw ingredient identified as a driver in the product undergoes further chemical analysis to assess their levels of quality and purity.

Micro-Biologic Testing:

This biological examination process is the most intensive and scrutinizing of all safety checks, screening for the most minute traces of any impurities or contaminants.

Organoliptic Property Testing:

A final quality control measure is implemented using more sensory observations, such as taste, aroma, and color.
Only when a raw ingredient passes all these rigorous testing measures is it deemed suitable for manufacture. The final finished product then receives a Certificate of Analysis to prove it. We put that much effort and care into every product.


In developing the robust science behind our products over the years, our researchers have traveled globally and liaised with prominent scientists all over the world in many disciplines, running the gamut from muscle physiology, human biology and kinetics to nutrition and metabolism.

Myogenetix researchers have spent years uncovering the mechanisms behind how ingredients such as creatine work in the body to help athletes and bodybuilders push past their limits to become bigger, better, and stronger. Just one of the many elements worth noting is that we have sponsored leading-edge research which showed that supplementing with creatine can significantly increase key genetic and biochemical mechanisms involved in sensing hydration status in the muscle cell, which researchers believe helps in transmitting key muscle growth inducing signals.

In addition to athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, the research endeavors of Myogenetix also revolve around helping millions of people to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This is why we have funded and continued to sponsor research in the field of weight loss. With ongoing research in the works, our mandate is to continue to be the leader in active nutrition by engineering the most effective, cutting-edge supplements in the world.