Comprehensive Chelated Multivitamin & Mineral Formula

Get the Right Levels of Minerals You Need with VITAGENETIX™! The majority of bodybuilders understand how important it is to get the right levels of fats, proteins carbs, and vitamins in their diet. However, while they may realize this, not nearly as many understand how important minerals are when it comes to performing at top levels, for recovery and growth. Minerals are inorganic elements that are necessary for such things as strong bones and teeth. They are also necessary to control the nervous system, muscle contractions, hormonal functioning, enzyme secretion, and fluid balance in your tissues. All of these things are essential to a bodybuilder who is hoping to maximize muscle growth or to gain optimum performance.

In most cases, the minerals that are taken in through the consumption of food will not be enough for a bodybuilder. Based on the demands placed on a body builders body due to the hard workouts, the body will need to consume far more minerals than you could take in during mealtimes. This provides a serious need for the right supplements. Unfortunately, many mineral supplements lack the proper absorption. Most of these supplements will pass through the system in an undigested, untouched form. This does the bodybuilder using them, absolutely no good!

VITAGENETIX™ was created with top-notch nutrient delivery technology. It is protected by four United States patents. Minerals, in standard forms, are hard for the body to absorb in the intestines.VITAGENETIX™ bypasses this problem by using Albion amino acid chelated minerals. These minerals will pass easily through the intestinal wall. This allows for complete absorption and all the benefits that will allow for rapid recovery and stronger muscles.

Albion amino acid chelates are the most bioavailable and the easiest to tolerate. They are the safest, most non-interactive minerals on the market. In fact, they surpass all other forms of minerals in their physiological activity. VITAGENETIX™ works as a nighttime mineral formula. The amino acid chelated minerals are assimilated better at night, which allow for the release of important muscle building, anti-aging, and fat burning hormones such as IGF-1, GH, and Testosterone.