24-Hour Lean Muscle Building Formula

Unparalleled muscle fullness and hardness, prolonged and over-pronounced pumps, rapid increases in strength, lean muscle and performance – it’s the lure of why you train so intensely.

Surprisingly, however, the majority of muscle growth (roughly 70%) occurs as a result of what you eat, not because of what you do in the gym. Therefore, Team Myogenetix – The Muscle Building Elitists, is the key to redirecting your focus toward a more progressive and scientific approach to sports nutrition.

Hydrogenetix Mass™ is designed for elite high-performance athletes and serious bodybuilders and lifters. At this level, hard-working muscle requires advanced nutritional support before, during, and after training and competition.

Hydrogenetix Mass™ is the world’s 1st 24-Hour Lean Muscle Building, Strength Inducing formula.

Unbreakable Recovery

The limiting factor in anyone’s training, is of course, recovery. You simply can’t push past where the body begins to break down without devastating consequences. So, if you want to experience shocking gains, you have to create an entirely different chemistry inside working muscle the kind that makes cells far more anabolically reactive. Furthermore, you have to prevent most of the damage and inflammation that results from extreme physical demands.

Hydrogenetix Mass™ contains a unique blend of fast-acting di- and tripeptides that produce biological activities and effects in muscle for performance, growth and recovery that go far beyond other proteins and amino acids. The formula also contains a special carbohydrate complex that in addition to increasing metabolic rate, drives the formula’s di- and tripeptides and other key nutrients into muscle cells to the point of creating a high-performance effect.

The focus of this new product class shifts to expanding intra-vascular plasma and total blood volume concentrated within muscle tissue. Hyper-volumized muscles look awesome in a skin-tight shirt and at the beach, but the greater scientific significance is that this pre-anabolic condition actually sets the stage for explosive muscle growth.

By uniquely preloading and pumping key nutrients into muscle,Hydrogenetix Mass™ enables you to perform at and beyond your limits and recover so fast you’ll be itching to get back in the gym. Not only that, the increased gains you’re going to experience fromHydrogenetix Mass™ will be nothing less than shocking.

  • Swiss Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies & Creme
  • Rocky Road
  • Banana
  • Strawberry

Available in 5 Delicious Flavours!